As an artist my perception of the world and thus my perception of my own art is ever evolving.  For this reason I have recently been urged to revise my artist statement to reflect this new interpretation.  As a life long truth seeker, I must maintain an open mind to new possibilities and resist drawing permanent conclusions about the meaning of my artistic production.  


     It has occurred to me that my paintings, more specifically my recent paintings, are in fact the result of my desire to better understanding the true nature of creativity, and the human urge to engage in such activity.   It is my new understanding about the essential character and significance of “infinite possibilities” and the uniquely human urge to be creative that has resulted in this new interpretation of my paintings.  The work is first characterized by a lack of premeditation, the reliance on improvisational skills, and the acceptance of infinite possibilities.  It is the recognition that the simple activity of being creative is the true goal of my practice and the paintings themselves are the record or evidence of this activity.  Much like a musician who spontaneously writesAND records a piece of music at the same time.


     The “specific” outcome of this activity is much less important than the activity itself, and the general record of it.  The painting is thus a record of human creativity, “humanity”  and evidence of the continuation of this ability and knowledge.  Furthermore, the allowance of each creative experience and record/painting to be unique unto itself is evidence of the acceptance of Infinite Possibility.  


Barry Osbourn

     This  possibility of infinite outcomes is the very essence of creativity and human life itself for when there ceases to the possibility of something new and different, we will cease to be human.
— Barry Osbourn