TIME TO DREAM:  Envisioning Workshop

TIME TO DREAM: Envisioning Workshop

with Guest: Dr. Julie Connor, TED talk speaker, author and visionary

Monday, January 14, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Dream A Little... Your thoughts are what you become.

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$120 per person workshop fee

2-ticket purchase discount = $110.00 per person

Early Bird Discount:
Save $20 - for pmts by Dec. 28, 2018
Registration deadline is Thurs., Jan. 10.
Workshop fee includes evening snacks and all workbook materials.
Workshop Location:
GALLERY V FINE ARTS - Mission Farms West

Dr. Connor will guide your search and discovery process with a structured yet inspiring approach through book material and thought provoking work questions. In this workshop, we look forward to challenging you to discover something new within yourself.

What is the biggest dream you can dream?
What would you do if there were no obstacles?What would you do if money was no factor?
Find the "how to's" and find what's holding you back.

Popular concerns:

How to dream BIG
Changing jobs or starting your own business
Improving your work environment or work attitude
Enhance your personal relationships
Finding your passion in life
Becoming proactive for what most matters to you
Eliminate "clutter" in your life
How to find your "Happy Place"


Each participant will leave with new ideas, solutions
or a new perspective and tools for action. As the envisioning workshop provides exercise in mental LIMBERNESS, find new ways to stretch!

Begin to See It, Believe It, Do It and Become It!