Kerri Warner is a mixed media artist based in Northern California. Her work blends conventional and unconventional materials, paints, colored pencil, book pages, inks, paper and found objects, into two and three dimensional works. Various techniques, painting, cutting, gluing, sanding and assembling found objects create her layered textures on wood panels and sculptural forms. Warner loves challenges, experimenting with disparate media and developing new techniques and skills. I believe in recycling and up-cycling and adore texture, paints of any kind and flea market supplies. Through each step that leads to a finished surface. Kerri often contrasts different relationships between objects, colors and textures. Thus, each gesture creates an irreplaceable component of the process. Figurative forms, letters, and numbers are often incorporated into the work as graphic elements and function to convey a thought or theme. The artist finds inspiration in found objects, fragments of antique treasures, and everyday manufactured materials that were never intended to be art.


Kerri Warner

I find art in everything and everything finds its way into my art.
— Kerri Warner