Nicoletta Belletti lives and works in Parma, city of art, great music and capital of the Italian Food Valley.

Nicoletta has a very personal style, based on acrylic material spread on a panel with a spatula, and embellished by inserting elements such as sand or stones.

The material becomes a substantial part of the work: the elements on the boards take on a shape all their own, escape from their spaces, and almost impose themselves with arrogance and a desire for deliverance, exploding with colour in all their brightness. 

Since 2000 Nicoletta has created over one thousand works: she paints on wooden boards made by her husband Andrea – an expert craftsman in interior design – who engraves his wife's name on the back of each one of them. 

Among the most important moments in Nicoletta's artistic career was the invitation to participate in the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2011: she exhibited her work “Io e le mie amiche” (Me and my friends) in the “State of the Art – Emilia Romagna” Italian Pavilion – curated by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

Artistically very lively, Nicoletta has been involved in numerous collaborations, including one with the Moutan Botanic Centre in Viterbo, which hosts the world's largest collection of Chinese tree and herbaceous peonies (over 200,000 specimens), and one with the Max Mara Fashion Group, a company that is very open to the world of art and to forms of female expression.

Her showroom is located in via Farini, in the historic centre of Parma.




Nicoletta Belletti



A self-taught artist, the Italian Nicoletta Belletti from a very young age had a great passion for colour and for painting on wood. At the age of 21, the sudden death of her father Remo required Nicoletta to manage the family company: this left her almost no time to dedicate to her art. Meeting Andrea, the man who would later become her husband, changed Nicoletta's life: Andrea is a “wood artist”, specialized in customized furniture.

Andrea asked Nicoletta to help make his creations unique and enliven the exhibition spaces in his showroom and at trade shows. Nicoletta thus started painting again, using as boards both the furniture and the rooms in which they were exhibited. 

The success she met with encouraged Nicoletta to dedicate herself full-time to her painting: over the years the artist has achieved her own distinctive style. Since 2002, Nicoletta's artistic journey has developed along three different portrait series: “Flowers, “Animals” and “Water”.